Welcome to visit the company website of Xuan Phi Company! Our information website provides general view about products, services, typical projects and news about production operations and internal business. We are proud to be one of the leading reputable enterprises which operated nearly 15 years in the fields of system integration; software production; supply and installation of computing telecommunications, auto electronics, and mechanical precision control.

              Xuan Phi has 15 years of experience in installation works projects across the country, especially the system integration projects in the fields of Intelligent Transport (toll collection, wim system, traffic supervision and punishment, bus electronic equipment), parking, buildings, factories, industrial areas, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, banks,...

              In addition, there are information on system integration on this website, you can visit our other websites, including:

Smart Vehicle Parking (http://vp.xpt.com.vn/en/)

CCTV Camera (http://cam.xpt.com.vn/en/)

Access Control Equipment + Smart Apartment (http://ac.xpt.com.vn/en/)

Automatic Barrier + Doors (http://bar.xpt.com.vn/en/)

Solar Power (http://solarpowertech.net/)

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SKILLS REQUIREMENTS - Computer: Word, Excel, Auto CAD. There is motorcycle, own laptop for the work - Graduating from high school and have a degree, professional certificate that is one of the following areas: