Intelligent parking management system is a top choice for parking management solution. It is an information management solution on vehicle access at the parking lot of supermarkets, hospitals, apartment buildings... with modern technological equipment.  Help in the control of the ticket at the gate efficiently, save time, avoid traffic jams and creating modern civilization for the centre.  


  • Overview: 

-        Staffs don't need to write as usual vehicle ticket: exit time quickly and without any risks. 

-       Charges required by the owner. The parking meter operate automatically, there has been no case in loss of fee. 

-        Each access is captured image of the incident, and all relevant information: security, loss prevention, provide evidence specifically when needed

-         Report revenue timely, accurately

  • Vehicle transaction control


-       Vehicle control at the entrance: visitors will receive a smart card from the parking staff. At the same time, camera will capture the event images for comparison later. The information include date and time when vehicle enters and a serial number from the card reader on the machine. These information will be stored on the computer to check and contrast as needed.

-     Vehicle control at the exit: visitors give back parking card to staff, card is read to verify, compare the information at the entrance by the card reader. The appropriate information system will notice the required amount of currency.

-       With regular visitors use the month card to access, the card reader system automatically updates and controls the validity of the card to identify vehicle.

  • Management exact charges against any loss of fee. 

-       Each card is issued with various other barcodes ensures no duplicate card, thus avoiding the loss in the case of charge

  • Reduce labor

-       With parking only 01 port, it's commonly used for both entrance and exit, a staff has to observe, inspect and collect visitors' charge at the same time. .

-       The parking lot has 02 gates, each gate needsa staff to observe, inspect and collect collect visitors' charge.

  • Saving time for visitors.

-       System processes a vehicle access as scanning a card, which just takes a second. The total time for each vehicle access is 5 seconds, including opening time of barrier, equivalent of 720 cars/ hour, it's much faster than the regular parking lot.

-        Avoid traffic jam in the rush hour. 

  • There are 2 forms of payment:

-          Round ticket (as visitor) 

-          Month ticket (for the employee access regularly)

  • The system is stable, easy to operate, and confidential:

-        Staff was instructed only one time, they can get the job done.

-        To log in to the system, staff must be authorized and allowed to log in to the system to ensure confidentiality.