Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) means that the driver does not have to stop each time through the station. None - stop toll collection station is toll lane with automatic barriers capable of opening / closing in high-speed to meet the car's ability to move through the lane up to 30-40 km/h. The solution of non-stop toll collection station uses the automatic barrier to block the car does not pay the fee.  


None - stop toll collection station meets the following issues:

- Vehicles' circulation with an average speed of 30-40 km / h each time through the station.

- Only allow through lane for valid vehicles (having cash account). Contrariwise, invalid vehicles will be blocked.

- Control against high losses, based on 1 stop toll system (MTC)

- Control against high losses, based on 1 stop toll system (MTC)

- Connect information for bank accounts, accept the same card technology (UHF) from other charging stations (as agreed)

- Take advantage the entirely available infrastructure and equipment of toll lanes 1 stop (MTC)

- None - stop toll collection station is operated as 1 stop toll collecion station, or combined the applied technology 

Technologies used:

Using RFID (Radio frequency Identification). RFID consists of 3 main categories which are: Proximity (the induction card – read only card read only short range 5 cm), Mifare (smart card-its function read in short distance 5 cm), UHF (card read in far distance up to 8 meters). UHF technology solutions with the following characteristics:

- Standard card reader EPC gene 2 (ISO - 18000 - 6c)

- Frequency: European market (865.6-867.6 MHz), US market (902-928 MHz)


- Computer Interface: Ethernet (TCP / IP). 

Installation Methods:


(B): Barrier

(R): Pillar for installing the automatic card reader device


Systems Design

MTC: the system of equipment 1 stop traffic toll collection with barcode

ETC: non-stop toll collection system with UHF. ETC = MTC + non-stop card reader device.


Contact many information stations, and connect banks


Contact many information stations, and connect banks are described as below:


Released: Customers come the card issue desk of non-stop toll collection stations in the same system so as to be allocated or register a card.  There are 2 card types of non-stop toll collection station:

1 / Stamps read in far distance: Paste fixed on the windshield

2 / Smart Card: device to the card reader each time through lane


Recharge into the non-stop toll collection station account: Customers recharging from any bank operating in Vietnamese territory, at no cost to recharge.


The service fee statement: access Toll Server website to see all the time to use the service at the toll station in the system. Can register to receive SMS messages.