The aim of the resolution of the problem as follows:

-    Each ticket is attached to one barcode serial number, content of barcode is encrypted, there isn't any two tickets with the same serial number

-    The system of issuing tickets just released the series tickets to sell, and ticket system will check each tickets through the station sole one time. Eliminate all cases turnaround tickets

-   The automatic vehicle classification system (automatic define par value of the ticket) suggests toll collection member sell ticket, and marked the vehicle turns selling false par value of the ticket. Restrictions, eliminate the case selling false par value of the ticket to enjoy differences

-    Each the vehicle turns through toll collection station is  photographed events by system, save all relevant information including: series tickets, vehicle number plates, image events, toll collection members, time ...,  video clips of vehicle turns

-   All operations open gate lanes (barrier) are noted serving control after. Even the priority cases were recorded. Remove any case open to collect money which don't sell ticket

-    Management software system, arising types of statements serve the needs management of the toll collection station, the managing units, the functional agencies, especially the tax industry y differences

-   Video entire operation of the lanes are inserted subtitles par value of the ticket, tool of great help for monitoring: Supervisor immediately detect cases of violation in the process of selling tickets t--> y differences

-    Software print barcode paper ticket curent is compatible with all the printing technology of printing houses

Toll collection solution with barcode and 1 stop toll collection procedure with the classification of vehicle based on character recognition technology (OCR) of Xuan Phi Trade and Service Co., Ltd has been installed at many toll collection station in Vietnam. Typical as:

  • Duc Pho toll collection station, Quang Ngai, new investment with 6- lane according 1 stop toll collection procedure
  • Dinh Quan toll collection station, Dong Nai, new investment with 4-lane according 1 stop toll collection procedure
  • Bao Loc toll collection, station, Lam Dong, new investment with 4-lane according 1 stop toll collection procedure
  • National Highway No.26 toll collection station, Dak Lak, new investment with 4-lane according 1 stop toll collection procedure
  • Hoa Phuoc toll collection station (Cienco 5), Da Nang, new investment with 6-lane according 1 stop toll collection procedure
  • Rach Mieu Bride toll collection (Cienco 6, Cienco 5, Cienco 1)
  • Dinh An toll collection, Lam Dong with 08 lanes

(And many other projects ...)